Wednesday, February 8, 2017

New Year, new me???

I must say since I last posted there has definitely been no shortage of ideas for post.... getting them written down has been another story! 2016 was a massive year of learning for me in two areas in particular literacy and the affordances of learning through digital technology.

For the first time in almost 10 years I began studying again towards my Masters. The three papers I completed where all focused on Literacy. Although a tad stressful at times, I really enjoyed focusing on one of my teaching passions and have been excited to implement my new knowledge, knowledge that I could have written many great posts about!

Last year was my school's second year as part of the Manaiakalani Outreach programme. Learn, create, share and the affordance of digital technology has been an amazing gift for us, a wonderful challenge and we have already seen great gains in our students achievement.

My goal this year is to get back into writing on my blog and using this as a way to record evidence towards my registered teacher criteria. And look at that, first post done!

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  1. Week 2 and posting already Kate - well done! I agree with your comment re Manaiakalani Outreach, it is a gift that you and the staff have embraced and are taking ownership of which is transforming our teaching and learning practice in a very positive way. I hope this year's PLGs are able to add to your practice and hopefully reduce some of the stress and workload. Keep posting!


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